Touratech AG files for insolvency


Aftermarket manufacturer and retailer Touratech AG has filed for insolvency.

According to reports from Germany, the parts-and-accessories giant (known best for its part in the adventure riding boom) is supposed to carry on day-to-day business as usual, with a temporary insolvency administrator running the show while investigators decipher the books.

The company was already in the middle of a restructuring, with a new logistics centre being built in Europe containing warehouses, workshops, administration offices and other facilities. Supposedly, Touratech was seeing decent increases in sales, not a decline, but there have been rumblings that the expansion was the cause of the financial woes. It’s impossible to say without looking at the books, so take any of that gossip with a grain of salt.

Touratech Canada (our local subsidiary) ran the following press release on its Facebook page:


Touratech-AG (German Operation) has retained consulting firm Schultze & Braun to assist with a financial reorganization of the company. The fast growth in the adventure motorcycle segment and the company’s expansion to meet this demand has resulted in the need for a re-organization to ensure a healthy future. Under the advisement of Schultze & Braun, Touratech AG will be using the German bankruptcy rules to re-organize the assets and liabilities of the business to provide a stable foundation that will allow the company to continue serving the parts and accessories segment of adventure touring motorcycle market.

Over the last three decades, Touratech has become the leading brand in adventure motorcycling with a catalog featuring thousands of products which are available in nearly 100 counties. The company is well known for its quality products, innovative ideas and travel inspiration.

Whether you are preparing for a weekend trip or the motorcycle ride of a lifetime, Touratech will continue to be your dedicated resource for motorcycle accessories, gear and apparel. The company will use the opportunity to focus on the core parts and accessory part of its business while continuing to inspire its customers to explore the world on two-wheels. Touratech-Canada will continue it’s regular operations.



  1. I can buy a MSR tent footprint for $55 but it’s $105 from Touratech. Ditto for a Redverz Atacama expedition tent ($1,500 vs $800). Explain to me why Touratech thinks it can charge double? This only poisons the brand name.

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