Here’s yet another spy shot of the Royal Enfield 750 twin

Expect to see this new twin-cylinder Royal Enfield debut at EICMA.

For months now, we’ve known Royal Enfield is building a twin-cylinder version of its Continental GT cafe racer. Here’s the latest spy shot, which seems to indicate two variants of the machine.

On the left, we see a bike with some sort of cafe-style seat. On the right, there’s what appears to be a two-up seat. Perhaps these are two ideas undergoing testing, or perhaps the bike will be offered in both styles of trim.

Aside from that, it seems Royal Enfield plans to continue using the uniquely sculpted cooling fins on the vertical twin motor. No manufacturer has used an air-cooled motor with that much style since the old Brit bike brands folded, so it’s interesting to see the concept revised. There’s an oil cooler hanging up front as well, and the rest of the bike is very similar to what we’ve seen before. Aside from the motor, the rest of the styling isn’t exactly bold or groundbreaking, but continues to offer that retro look that Royal Enfield has made its mark with. Arguably, this machine isn’t as visually appealing as the original single-cylinder Continental GT, but a vibrant paint job might help with that.

Unlike the Himalayan adventure bike, which debuted with carburetors, but is now changing over to EFI, it seems the new 750 platform will be fuel injected from the start. It’s a little surprising to not see Royal Enfield experimenting with dual discs or upside-down forks, but perhaps we’ll see efforts along those lines before the bike makes it to production.

After production, will this bike make it to North America? Seeing how long the Himalayan is taking to make it here, we wouldn’t expect to see the 750 anytime soon.


  1. So it looks like we’ll get an updated Series 2 Interceptor and a Continental GT. If they siamese the pipes on one of them we may also see an updated Meteor or Constellation which would appeal to the sidecar enthusiasts. I have to admit I am excited.

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