Graham Jarvis triumphs at Red Bull Romaniacs


British offroad wizard Graham Jarvis has once again taken the win at the Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro, but it took a couple of hard days’ battle with Jonny Walker to do so.

The four-day offroad race started off with a stage win from Walker; Walker and Jarvis scrapped for the lead on the first stage, but by the end of it, Jarvis had slipped to third and Walker was looking good in first, with a 10-minute lead. Spain’s Mario Roman finished second.

On Day 2, Walker looked like he’d win again, but ended up making a costly error at day’s end. This let Jarvis grab the stage win from him.

On Day 3, Walker withdrew after a hand injury he’d suffered the day before caught up to him, only minutes into the stage. He was unable to properly use the clutch or grip the bars, he said, which ruled him out. Jarvis took this stage, and also the win on Day 4, to convince everyone once again that he’s the man to beat at this event.

This is the sixth time Jarvis has won Red Bull Romaniacs; that’s a feat that’s so difficult to achieve, it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else getting halfway there.

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