Spied! BMW F900 makes another appearance


BMW’s new parallel twin (it’s tentatively being called the F900) has been spied again, with plenty of shots of the new platform.

You can see the photos over at Motorcycle.com, along with some speculation and interpretation of the shots. It’s obvious the engine changes amount to more than a simple bore job, as the final drive is now on the other side of the crankcase; there are obvious changes to the chassis as well. Find out more here.

If it’s really a 900-class engine, the new BMW parallel twin will put the German manufacturer’s adventure bike in an interesting position, as its middleweight machine will likely start to nip at the heels of the flagship ADV bikes of some other brands.

For years, BMW’s F800 platform was reckoned a decent ADV bike, but the other machines built around that motor (F800 GT sport tourer and F800R naked bike) weren’t considered significant models by many. Will the new motor change that? We’ll know more once the new bikes get into the hands of testers in the coming months, likely after EICMA.

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