Shubenacadie CSBK photo gallery, Part 2

Here are Zac’s photos from last weekend at Shubenacadie, taken from vantage points all over the track, but mostly around Turn 1, Turn 10, and the pits. There are some shots of the interesting bikes from the parking spots as well.

The good thing about Shubenacadie is that there are many areas you can get very close to the track to shoot. You’ve got to keep your eyes and ears open, though; you can see one of the photos below showing a crumpled bike surrounded by race staff and spectators behind Turn 4, where there’d been a photographer just a few seconds before.

Along with the CSBK shots, there are a few shots mixed in from the Atlantic Roadracing League invitational races. That Honda VTR certainly isn’t raced in any CSBK class anymore …


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