Zero Motorcycles offering “free fuel for life”

Want a sporty electric machine? You'll have to look to Zero right now, because none of the major manufacturers have bothered to build an equivalent.

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero has come up with an innovative sales promotion. It’s offering buyers free fuel for life(sort of).

The offer runs until the end of July. Here’s how it works: Zero reckons it would cost a buyer no more than $1,500 CAD in electricity to run one of its bikes for 137,000 km (costs are lower for some models, as they use less electricity).

Buy a Zero before the end of the month, and Zero will refund enough money to pay for your charging costs for that bike for the next 137,000 km. It’s an idea that’s similar to Tesla’s free supercharging deal, and isn’t a massive incentive to buy a Zero (they’re still more expensive than a gasoline-powered bike), but it does make it more tempting.

Zero’s Canadian website advises you to visit a local dealer for more details. Find your closest Zero purveyor here.


  1. If they are going to provide enough of a refund to cover 137,000km in ONTARIO, they will swiftly go broke with the electricity prices here.

    • They should actually reduce the offer in Ontario. They base it on US$0.129/kWh, which converts to cd$0.163/kWh. Ontario peak rate is only $0.132/kWh. The cost of your electricity is not unusually high.

  2. I’m curious, is there a solar charging option for them? Besides costing far more that a gasoline alternative, there range is so limited, which might be okay if you are always in the city, but going across country would take forever.

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