Catch AMA flat track racing on NBC Sports this summer

Photo: American Flat Track

If you want to catch the AMA professional flat track series, but don’t have time to head Stateside to take in a round, you should be able to catch it this summer if you have the NBC Sports television channel.

The first race on NBC ran this Monday, and there are races the next couple Mondays, in a one-hour broadcast format. After that, there’s a race almost every Thursday, with double-headers (two-hour broadcasts) every Thursday in September. Most of the races are Mile of Half-Mile events, but there are a couple TT tracks thrown in.

Along with the television broadcasts, the AMA races will also be shown on the NBC Sports website and through the NBC Sports app (which might not be available in Canada). Most of the races will be broadcast at 10 PM EST, but some have an 11 PM EST broadcast time.

Currently, Indian-mounted riders are the racers to beat in the AMA Pro Twins series (Bryan Smith currently has the lead), and Shayna Texter is atop the Singles standings. Find the complete list of standings here.

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