Here’s Canadian Shane Scott’s Pikes Peak run

Shane Scott is living in New Brunswick these days, but once upon a time, he used to tear up the SoCal supermoto and dirt circuits on two wheels.

It seems he’s still got a need, a need for speed, as he managed a fourth-place finish in the Heavyweight Motorcycle class this year at Pikes Peak, good for 17th overall (cars run the same course, and several of them finished ahead of the bikes this year). Scott was right behind Travis Newbold, who ran the Bottpower XR1R in the Exhibition Powersport class, so Scott was technically the fifth motorcycle overall.

Here’s a YouTube video of his run this year, aboard a KTM SuperDuke 1290R.


  1. I met Shane last year when he was racing at the Atlantic Motorsport park for the CSBK race. And he won the the race on Saturday on that ktm1290.

  2. We need to bring back real hill climbing; extended swingarm BSA’s with steel paddles on the rear tire kind of hillclimbs. Not that this isn’t entertaining, just not as much “oooohh, nooOO!” factor.

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