Zona offers rear view camera for motorcycle helmets

Zona is offering a rear view camera system that should be able to be adapted to most motorcycle helmets.

The set-up for the camera system includes the camera itself, which mounts to the back of your bike; a wireless receiver, that mounts to the back of your helmet; and a heads-up display unit, which mounts inside your helmet.

While this may seem like a somewhat clunky approach, it does mean the system should be fairly universal. For now, rear-view cameras are mostly offered on “smart helmets” that never come to market. Reevu helmets offer a rear view system that doesn’t require cameras, just a mirror system that reflects into your vision. That battery-free system might be preferable to some, but if for some reason the Reevu helmet doesn’t work for you, then Zona’s more universal setup might be worth examining.

For now, the UK-based company’s website says “ZONA is available to pre-order now at £195 for guaranteed delivery early July 2017 – £44 off the recommended retail price of £239,” and the site does offer international delivery.


  1. I don’t think this is an actual HUD as written in the CMG article. The visor was up when he was looking at the “display”. Tiny monitor? It would eff up your eyes going back and fourth. Annoying as hell at night too.

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