A series of unfortunate events: Angry biker sparks multiple-car crash


In any online argument over bad road behaviour, you inevitably get some Internet Tough Guy telling offended riders to start kicking cars, breaking off mirrors, etc., when they get frustrated with a car.

Well, here’s one biker who took that advice, and here’s the fallout. He’s very lucky he wasn’t squashed into that concrete barrier—and if/when the police find him, he may end up wishing that had happened anyway. But if he escapes charges, this incident may spark a new career, as a backup stuntman in Michael Bay films.


  1. Two juvenile riders/drivers and their idiotic egos caused a third innocent driver (truck) to flip over causing injury. There is no excuse for the road rage instigator or the one who reacts to a road rage incident. Perfect example of how close death is to one short-tempered “kick”…

  2. Not the brightest move, but we are only seeing the end of the story. It would be nice to know the rest of the story leading up to the posted video.

    • I’m trying to imagine any scenario where kicking a car moving at freeway speed from a bike moving at freeway speed is a good idea. I can’t.

  3. Kicking a car will put you off balance and at most make a small dent in the car. What we see in the video is the car driver reacting to the kick by swerving at the bike and then losing control. The rider was stupid, but the car driver used his car as a weapon and that caused the collision.

    • So far, you’re the only one who seems to have noticed this. The driver clearly attacked the motorcyclist with his car. Probably, given the lethal intent of the driver at this point, some other agressive behaviour happened earlier up the road. Impressive avoidance scooting by the biker, though, clearly, it’s safer to curse dangerous drivers than to kick their doors.

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