Here are photos of the CCM Spitfire Scrambler

Photos: CCM

A month ago, we showed you some 3D renderings of the CCM Spitfire Scrambler, but now we’ve got some photos for you (more photos in the gallery below).

Visually, there’s not much to pick at, except for (perhaps) the dual exhaust, which always seems a bit silly on a thumper. That radiator is tastefully unhidden by brittle plastic. The headlight has a trick-looking exhaust shield, and the fuel tank has beautiful lines. All in all, it’s a very attractive motorcycle, which looks like it should have the performance to back up its¬†appearance.

The Scrambler has a¬†19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear; this bike certainly isn’t aimed at full-on dual-sport action, but it certainly should provide some thrills on unpaved roads. Fully-adjustable forks and shock mean the bike should handle bumps with ease. With a 600 cc single-cylinder motor putting out approximately 55 hp and 58 Nm of torque, this low-volume machine could prove to be very popular with the few buyers lucky enough to land one (supposedly, the 250-bike production run is selling quickly).

Given the considerable interest in this machine, as well as similar single-cylinder models from Speedy Working Motorcycles (SWM), it’s possible this is the future of the big thumper. It seems the high-volume manufacturers have walked away from the 650-class single cylinder designs, but the engines are just as capable and versatile as ever. Maybe the ability of low-volume manufacturers to skirt emissions regulations will keep the big-bore duallies alive, but with much higher price tags (the Spitfire Scrambler would cost well north of $10,000 if you ever got one to Canada).

You can find a full spec sheet at CCM’s website, if you’ve got more questions about its dimensions and other details.


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