More Dawn 2 Dusk details

The faster group was ahead most of the day, but not by much. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Here are a few more details on this year’s Dawn 2 Dusk rally (check here, if you’re wondering what it’s all about).

Canada Moto Rallies director Eric Russell (you might remember him from his days with Twisted Throttle Canada and A Vicious Cycle, as well as his time running the Fundy Adventure Rally) says he’s got most of the route planned out for this year’s small-bike rally (500 cc or smaller), but he wants to pre-run the route again to make sure there are no surprises on the day of the ride (June 17).

For now, Russell says the day’s riding is planned into four legs, all of which should be able to be completed on a single tank of gas (for most bikes). If you can’t quite finish the leg on a single tank, there will be plenty of options to fuel up along the way, as you’re riding in southern Ontario (this year’s D2D starts.

There will be a lunch stop halfway in Coe Hill, a small town with a cafe, gas station, Foodland grocery store, and several small restaurants, so there are lots of options to pick from, no matter your dietary preferences.

As for what to bring: Russell recommends you bring a CAA card, if you have one, as there’s no official chase truck to bail you out of trouble. Bring your health card, drivers licence, insurance and ownership paperwork, credit/debit card, naturally. And, bring cash: If you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, a crisp $10 bill can get you a fill-up from someone’s jerry can! Bring spare batteries for your GPS and camera, and some snacks and water for a mid-route break.

Canada Moto Rallies will email you the D2D route a few days before the event, but if you have to upload the routes at the event, then bring your computer and GPS to do so.


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