The Ace Cafe comes to North America

The Ace Cafe is one of England’s best-known motorcycle meccas. The original establishment (founded in 1938) was a trucker’s cafe that became a regular stop for cafe racers, and since its reopening, has turned into a prominent destination for motorcyclists of all kinds. Manufacturers have press launches there, motorcycle festivals run there, and riders stop by to soak in the history.

Now, you can visit the Ace Cafe without ever leaving North America.

A second Ace Cafe has finally opened in Orlando, Florida, after years of hype. Really, the only thing it holds in common with the original location is the name, and a strong association with gearhead culture. Along with an eatery and a bar, the new location will also hold a BMW dealership, a Dainese outlet, an EagleRider rental outlet, and an art gallery selling works that relate to moto-culture, as well as custom bikes. Or so we’re told.

If you think this is a spot you’d like to check out on your vacation south this winter, find more details here.


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