Here’s a motorcycle that runs on algae


Post-apocalyptic films, particularly the Mad Max series, love to portray a future in which motorcycle-borne madmen rule the roadways on guzzoline gasoline-sucking superbikes. But that’s pretty unrealistic—the custom-made bike you see here is a lot more likely to succeed if we see The End Of The World As We Know It.

That’s because this machine doesn’t require a drill rig to provide petroleum-based fuel. It runs on algae-based oil, grown in salt water through a process designed by Dutch scientist Peter Mooji. Inspired by his work, Mooji’s friend Ritsert Mans went on to build this bike out of wood, cork and hemp (with some parts obviously scavenged and adapted from other motorcycles).

The end result isn’t as intimidating as the machines run by The Toecutter and his gang, but would certainly be much easier to keep running if society had fallen to pieces. And if your vehicle ever breaks down on the road, well, you could always have a jolly marshmallow roast after cutting it into firewood.

As for other useful details (top speed, horsepower, weight, etc.), we would love to share more, but we don’t know enough Dutch to contact the inventor.

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