RealRider app offers crash notifications, guides emergency personnel


The RealRider motorcycle safety app offers crash notifications and can guide emergency personnel to a crash, and soon, it will be available in Canada.

Launched in the UK last year, the RealRider app follows in the steps of other tech start-ups like the Cosmos Connected and Eat Sleep Ride, sending alerts out to a list of emergency contacts after detecting a motorcycle crash. The RealRider app also offers worldwide GPS and route recording, lets you share your rides with friends on Facebook (including video and photos), lets you save points of interest along the way (parking spots, gas stations, food stops, etc.), and can also notify your insurance broker in event of a crash, if you’re into that sort of thing.

RealRider claims to be the only 911-integrated app in the market.

Like the Eat Sleep Ride app, the RealRider app has an advantage over the Cosmos Connected device in that it does not require a rider to purchase an extra gadget for the bike—all the rider needs is a smart phone, which almost everyone already has with them anyway.

Of course, there’s still a cost—$4.99 a month in Canada, after your free 30-day trial. It’s available for Android and iOS devices (Android-only in Canada, for now). Find more details at the RealRiders website.



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