Yamaha confirms new touring motorcycle coming soon.


Yamaha has confirmed the rumour going around: the manufacturer plans to unveil a new touring motorcycle in the near future.

Last month, there was some conjecture that Yamaha was planning a new sport-touring motorcycle bearing the Tracer name. It seemed like a long shot at the time, but a Yamaha announcement yesterday in the US seems to indicate there might be some truth to the rumour. The presser said Yamaha plans to unveil a new touring bike on June 5.

However, it appears the new bike will be a cruiser, not a sport tourer, as the YouTube promo above hints. But will it be a V-twin? Yamaha’s built cruiser-styled touring bikes around other engines in the past, and a move towards a cruiser powered by a parallel twin or triple (from the FZ lineup) could signal an interesting future ahead.

Yamaha will unveil the motorcycle at the Americade rally next month, and if you’re interested, you can actually watch the live unveiling at Yamaha’s website.


  1. ,i like what I see so far. I see sum of the old n yet modern upbeat styling. Loving v twin power. If it handles as well as it looks. I’m sold. My 08 . I have learned it’s characteristics n throw it around our back roads like my ol cruiser. This looks nimble n yet ready to eat miles. Test ride needed

  2. A roadstar touring bike would be good with all the extras like a ultra glide classic. Had a roadstar. Best bike I ever had.

  3. We have a 08 Venture. I’m hoping the new bike will be a bagger also.. But with updated styling and tech to compete with the HD Ultra.

  4. Hopefully Golding style, don’t want to buy a wing but reverse and a wraparound seat with more storage is what the wife wants. Hope it has a V4 1800cc Gotta compete with Kawi, Harley and Honda.

  5. Another cruiser-based touring bike, … whatever. So long as they also bring out the Tracer GT. A cross between the Versys 1000 and the Super Duke GT based on the FZ-10 would be appropriate for the “Tracer” and “GT” names, and would make me happy. Price it to be closer to the Versys 1000, and I would be very happy!

  6. A rehash of the Royal Star Venture cruiser ?
    Not likely, with the V-Max going out of production.
    A new V-Star 1300 makes the most sense, with maybe a displacement boost.

    • I agree they haven’t had anything to compete with the Wing in years and what they did have was very top heavy.
      They pretty much said it will be a full on touring bike. Because there supposed to be building what people are asking for. Like heated seats and grips, full on entertainment system etc etc etc….
      If they think they can stick a 3 or 4 cyl inline motor in it they will be very disappointed in there sales numbers..

      Since Polaris totally screwed the Victory line, I can see a big opportunity in that category. Wouldn’t take much to build a more refined touring bike similar to Victory.

  7. Interesting and peculiar at the same time. Seems Yamaha is infusing the “adventure” philosophy into the cruiser world. Honda has their “True Adventure” philosophy relating to their ADV bikes, and Yamaha now has “Journey Further” concept with what appears to be a new cruiser. Time will tell if this has legs.

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