Here’s the CCM Spitfire Scrambler


The first images of the CCM Spitfire Scrambler have hit the Internet, and the specs look decent, but if you want one, you’d better act fast.

The new CCM Spitfire platform has already created plenty of buzz this year, with the flat tracker model (unveiled in February) proving to be one of the more interesting bikes seen this year, combining respectable power output with decently light weight. And, the idea of a factory flat tracker coming out of the UK is pretty interesting on its own.

But when CCM announced there would be a scrambler model of the bike, even more people became interested. Now, we have images of what the bike will look like, but it seems they’re just CAD renderings, not actual prototype photos. It does seem, though, that a roughed-up prototype must exist, as CCM has released a spec sheet for the bike (found in this marketing brochure—go there for other images).

Unlike the original Spitfire, which rolled on 19-inch wheels front and back, the Spitfire Scrambler has a 19-inch front hoop but a 17-inch rim in the back. Those sizes match up with many current factory scramblers, as well as many existing adventure motorcycle models, so tire selection should be decent (the bike comes shod with dual sport rubber, but the marketing brochure doesn’t specify exactly which tires).

The other details on the spec sheet look interesting, though. The Spitfire Scrambler has Brembo brakes in front and back, and fully adjustable front and rear suspension. Like the flat track model, the scrambler has a hand-welded frame and swingarm.

The single-cylinder 600-class engine puts out 55 hp, and 58 Nm of torque (with six-speed gearbox), and the bike is rated around 123 kg dry weight, so this should be a very hoonable piece of machinery.

The seat height will be 830 mm, and fuel capacity is 14 litres. In the UK, the price tag is £8995, which works out to $16,000 CAD.

But even if you did save up $16k, chances are you won’t be able to get one of these bikes anyway. Production is supposedly limited to 250 models this year, and we’re guessing the glitterati and well-moneyed Europeans have already spoken for most, if not all, of the production run.


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