Is a sport touring version of a Yamaha FZ/FJ coming soon?

134 has unearthed trademark documents that seem to hint at a high-performance touring version of a Yamaha FZ/FJ platform.

According to, Yamaha has applied for a trademark for a motorcycle or scooter named the Tracer GT. There’s nothing new about the Tracer name; Yamaha has used it for motorcycles and snowmobiles in the past, and currently uses for the European version of the FJ-09, as well as a sport tourer based on the FZ-07.

Will one of these models receive upgrades that make it worthy of the GT label, or will Yamaha take another model in its line and build a sport tourer off it? We’re sure to find out in the next few weeks. High-performance sport tourers seem to be gaining a bit of steam, with the Ducati Supersport and the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT coming on the market in the past couple years. Will a Yamaha entry be the first Japanese challenger?


  1. I thought the FJ-09 was a sports touring bike. Maybe Yamaha will finally add cruise control and call it the Tracer GT

  2. A true sport-touring version of FZ-10 makes total sense to compete against Multistrada, Super Duke GT and BMW S1000XR, a growing segment it seems. I figured it was merely a question of time before they’d start leveraging that FZ10 platform. People love that engine and trust Yamaha’s first in class reliability, properly done that bike could be a hit I’m pretty sure, in Europe at least and likely here too.

    That’s the bike I want actually, let’s just hope Yamaha will import it here (how cruel it would be not to…) and won’t make it repulsive looking like the current FZ-10

    …And of course Honda will wake up at some point later 😉

  3. I’m expecting an ADV version of the FZ-07 coming down the pipe soon.
    When I asked about it at the February MC show I was told “be patient” – maybe that’s what they’ll hang the name on ?

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