Zero Motorcycles advert is a primer in bike purchase excuses


Have you ever bought a motorcycle without the approval of your significant other?

For some of us, that can be a risky situation, and it’s best to head home with your best possible excuses already planned out. Like the guy in this commercial, put together for Zero Motorcycles.


  1. Slowest moving commercial I’ve seen in a while. Speaking of slow moving, he’ll be pushing his bike a lot, based on the places this guy likes to go. Limited range issues still there. I wonder how many pairs of shoes his partner has to equal $17K ?!?
    Nice old pushbutton phone at the laundromat.

  2. Love it love it love it! And I’m a woman! I want Zero to make part 2 where the woman has to explain to her frugal partner why she bought a quiet, sophisticated and electric motorcycle! Yes!

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