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Zero Motorcycles advert is a primer in bike purchase excuses

Have you ever bought a motorcycle without the approval of your significant other?

For some of us, that can be a risky situation, and it’s best to head home with your best possible excuses already planned out. Like the guy in this commercial, put together for Zero Motorcycles.

5 thoughts on “Zero Motorcycles advert is a primer in bike purchase excuses”

  1. I wanna see the video where wifey shows him the $17,000 pair of designer shoes she just bought….

  2. Slowest moving commercial I’ve seen in a while. Speaking of slow moving, he’ll be pushing his bike a lot, based on the places this guy likes to go. Limited range issues still there. I wonder how many pairs of shoes his partner has to equal $17K ?!?
    Nice old pushbutton phone at the laundromat.

  3. Love it love it love it! And I’m a woman! I want Zero to make part 2 where the woman has to explain to her frugal partner why she bought a quiet, sophisticated and electric motorcycle! Yes!

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