Want to brush up your dual sport skills?

We ran our spring riding tips story earlier this week, but what if you want to improve your dual sport or off-road skills? Barry Morris is more than happy to help, via YouTube.

Morris, a.k.a. Gumby, a.k.a. “That crazy Australian offroad loon,” is perhaps best-known for his love for the DR650, or his rambling philosophizing on the meaning of life, but he’s also the man behind the Cross Training Enduro Skills channel.

Many of tips are aimed at the more aggressive side of off-road riding, but there’s useful stuff for anyone to take away. If you’re looking to gain some new skills on the trails, or just brush up on some stuff you already know, check it out. And remember, Gumby will be doing teaching sessions in Canada again this year, thanks to Traction eRag. Keep an eye on the eRag Facebook page for details when they become available.

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