AHIS handlebar mounts: an answer to bad vibes?


Are you getting bad vibes from your motorcycle? If your thumper is delivering a bit too much thump through the handlebars, BKE Racing reckons the new AHIS handlebar mount might help.

The video above was sent to us via the CMG mailbin. This product isn’t currently on the market; designer Bryan Kowalchuk says he wants to put the device on Kickstarter, to help raise funds for production.

According to his email, pricing will be $295 CAD when the AHIS makes it to market, but we presume Kickstarter backers would get some sort of discount. The $295 sounds a bit dear, but if it makes your DR-Z400 (or similar dual sport) a more practical long-distance steed, then it might be worth it. Of course, it doesn’t do anything about the vibes transmitted through your seat or your footpegs.

The video explains the technology pretty well. Basically the AHIS is a reversible handlebar mount that incorporates an elastomer bumper to reduce vibration, which should in turn make your motorcycle easier to ride by reducing fatigue. Anyone who’s ridden a single-cylinder motorcycle a long distance can appreciate the advantages of a product like this, if it actually works. Kowalchuk says the mount is also lighter than existing OEM handlebar mounts, so you won’t be weighing your race bike down with unnecessary mass.

We’d suggest keeping an eye on the BKE Racing website for more details on the AHIS, as the Kickstarter campaign is launched, and while you’re there, you can check out other products, like Kowalchuk’s Revolver multi-tool kit. This appears to have similar functionality to some similar products on market, but there’s no note as to whether pricing is competitive. No doubt some buyers would be quite interested in a handy, durable multi-tool that undercut existing products on pricing.


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