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Coming soon: Dust2Glory, follow-up to Dana Brown’s original Baja documentary

Dana Brown is putting the finishing touches to Dust2Glory, a sequel to his 2005 film, Dust To Glory.

The new film will also be about Baja, chronicling the highs and lows of the 2016 season of SCORE racing (so, the 250 and 500 races should also make the cut). It’s going to be released in 2017 as part of SCORE’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Just as the SCORE series has moved towards a focus on trucks and cars, and away from motorcycles, it looks like the new film will have more four-wheeled action and less two-wheeled footage.

The star of the first film was arguably a motorcycle, Honda’s XR650R, which was the mount of choice for all the frontrunners, including legendary Baja kingpin Johnny Campbell and Mike “Mouse” McCoy. Stunt rider McCoy attempted an ironman ride in the first film, doing the whole 1000-mile race solo — something no other rider had accomplished at that time. His struggle to finish provided exciting filmwork, especially when the miles started adding up and McCoy slid into a dazed fatigue.

Despite the excitement the film built up, there have been complaints in recent years that organizers prefer to cater to four-wheeled competitors, slowly making the race less attractive to riders. Even if that is so, there’s still sure to be good two-wheeled footage in the film, and we’ll try to get a review of the updated documentary when it hits its release date.

We haven’t seen any details on how Canadian motorcyclists can get a chance to see the film; the original was available as a DVD rental, even if it didn’t make Canadian theatres. But the days of the DVD rental are long-gone; we’d assume the new film will see some sort of digital release, maybe even making it to Netflix distribution.

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