Report: New Suzuki GSX-R600 coming soon

Along with the recent rumour of a new GSX-R750 in the works, we can also supposedly expect a new Suzuki GSX-R600.

One of Asphalt & Rubber’s sources says we will see a new Suzuki GSX-R600 coming to market for 2019. And that’s all we know; there’s been no official statement from Suzuki, no spy photos, nothing.

However, if true, it’s encouraging to know Suzuki isn’t letting its supersport bike die out, as there’s been lots of conjecture that Honda and Suzuki would be discontinuing their 600s. Maybe not!

We’d guess the new 600 would have an engine that’s not much different than the current inline-four, although we could be wrong — but that’s the path Yamaha took with the R6, and it makes sense on a machine that might not be a huge profit-maker. However, the interwebz will be full of of forum fanboys demanding an inline triple. That isn’t likely, but it would certainly be interesting if it did happen.

Instead, we’d expect a lightly updated four-cylinder powerplant, with a comprehensive electronics package added: leaning ABS, wheelie control, traction control, etc. If the rumours are really true, we’d expect to know more in the coming months …


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