Honda 150SS concept bike: a Grom/cafe racer mashup


Check out the Honda 150SS concept bike, unveiled this week at the Bangkok Motor Show.

Details are sketchy so far, but the machine is supposedly powered by a 150 cc single-cylinder motor, and looks a lot like the love child of a Honda Grom and a customized cafe racer. The engine does not appear to be an update on the current Grom powerplant; instead, it appears to share some lineage with the Honda CBR150’s motor (take a look for yourself).

That would mean the 150SS would have fuel injection, and put out about 17 horsepower.

The Honda 150SS prototype has USD forks up front, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a great suspension, as Chinese bikes sporting crude USD forks have been on the market for years. There are action cameras mounted front and rear, like something you’d see on a MotoGP racer.

More interestingly, there’s carbon-fibre bodywork and front and rear rims, although it’s possible these bits are just fake carbon-fibre.

Would this machine ever make it to North America? That’s unlikely, if it’s in the 150 cc class. The Grom made it here, but this machine probably comes at a much higher price point, and it’s unlikely to see our market rushing to pay big bucks for a small-displacement machine like this. Plus, we never heard about this machine surfacing at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show earlier this month, where you’d think Big Red would have displayed it, if Honda was really serious about bringing it to a wide market.

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