Lanesplitting nixed in Utah (for now)

Utah’s lanesplitting bill we told you about earlier this week has been shot down in the state’s House of Representatives.

According to the Deseret News, Utah’s politicos voted 29-45 against HB410, which would have legalized lanesplitting in the state, somewhat along the same lines as was seen in California last summer, and appears to be shaping up in the state of Washington.

Utah’s politicians trotted out the same old tired warnings¬†about dangerous highways in the process of nixing the bill. Hopefully, the state’s riders won’t take no for an answer, and keep pressing their leaders towards sensible motorcycling legislation. Then, we’d have another example to point to, when enough Canadians realize it’s time to introduce lanesplitting here.


  1. So we’re going to wait for UTAH before we start for this in BC? That sounds rather lame to me. Is there a group pushing this issue in any of our provinces yet? I’d be in for supporting that.

    • We’d love to see that happen. We’re trying to keep you all up to date on what’s going on in the states, but you’re right, it’s time for some riding groups here in Canada to get on board with this.

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