Man vs. highway: California cops search for stunter


California police are searching for a motorcyclist who pulled off a daring jump over a four-lane highway, while other people captured the stunt on video.

The video, which was originally uploaded to Instagram, shows a motorcyclist working on a dirt ramp perpendicular to a highway, then using that ramp to jump across four lanes of traffic in a spectacular stunt, despite its low video quality—thrilling, no doubt, but also a foolhardy and dangerous move.

For that reason, the California Highway Patrol is trying to figure out who the rider is. According to the Los Angeles Times, one CHP officer said the stunt “seemed to break local ordinances against driving a off-road motorcycle on a highway and reckless driving.” We’ll agree, the reckless driving is hard to argue, but as for riding an off-road motorcycle on the highway, well, it’s not as if the bike actually touched the roadway …


  1. Thanks for posting this – an inspiration for other morons to try something similar to the detriment of the motorcycling community at large.

  2. So if the guy broke an “ordinance against driving a off-road motorcycle on a highway” then they need to ticket every airplane and every satellite in orbit that passes over the road. And they will have to ticket the Moon for passing over that road every day.

    Reckless driving offroad, sure. But at that altitude, it’s clear that the bike was not “on” the highway.

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