BC man accused of running chop shop forfeits motorcycles


John Edward Newcome, who owned Cycle Logic in West Kelowna, has agreed to give up two dozen motorcycles as part of a civil forfeiture deal with the BC government.

Newcome’s shop featured prominently in the news over the past few years, as it was implicated in all sorts of skullduggery; after being raided by police, Newcome pleaded guilty to 19 charges back in 2014, most of them involved with stolen property.

When police originally raided the shop, they found stolen vehicles and said there was evidence of VIN tampering. They returned some of the vehicles to their original owners, but were unable to determine owners for all of the machines and parts.

Police claimed the shop was operating in conjunction with outlaw motorcycle gangs, including the Hells Angels.

As part of a court-approved settlement in the case, Newcome signed over more than two dozen bikes to the province, some of them finished custom jobs, some of them unfinished. The bikes, along with some shop equipment and mechanics’ tools that were seized, will be sold on BC’s civil forfeiture auction site, so if you’re looking for something like this, keep an eye open there.

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