BMW offering Roland Sands-designed custom bits for R NineT


BMW has announced a new line of bolt-on accessories for the R NineT platform, designed by Roland Sands.

When BMW debuted the R NineT platform, the marketing department made a lot of noise about the original bike’s ability to be customized by the buyer, with bits like a removable subframe and other parts all designed for simple customization. That philosophy has carried on over to the R NineT Racer , R NineT Pure, and R NineT Scrambler models, all built on the same basic platform and with the same end goal in mind.

The new Machined line of custom parts will fit all those bikes, and offers customers factory-produced pieces that can be quickly bolted on to customize the bike, without sending it away to a shop.

These cylinder heads are part of the new Machined line, designed to bolt right on to your R NineT.

For now, the line includes cylinder heads, oil filler lid, belt cover, headlight cover, handlebar end cover, rear axle cover, bevel gear bearing cover, and swingarm pivot mount cover. More parts are reportedly on the way.

The parts are all made of aluminum, painted gloss black and given sharp metallic accents.

Of course, these are all cosmetic tweaks, and do nothing to improve performance — there’s no supercharger, or anything like that. BMW has announced a sporty new Akrapovic exhaust this year, but that’s about it. This ought to keep your insurance company happy, as they’re never pleased to hear about add-ons making your bike faster.

However, we’re still holding out hope for more hop-up parts; a customized look is good, but improved speed or handling is always desirable as well. BMW offered plug-in ECU upgrades to its GS lineup for sometime, and maybe something like that could be a starting point for future R NineT performance upgrades.


  1. Anything on the drawing board of the same for Guzzi’s other than adding a Tractor 3 point hitch for a plow on the rear upper frame ?

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