Air Canada motorcycle promotion to run again this year

AIR CANADA motorcycle
Air Canada Photo: Brian/Wikimedia/ CC 2.0

The Air Canada motorcycle cargo promotion will run again this year.

For the past few years, Air Canada has offered a discounted cargo rate between major Canadian cities and some overseas destinations. The offered discount has varied over time, and it hasn’t always been easy to figure out. However, it’s been a fairly popular topic, at least amongst CMG riders, and remains a fairly affordable way to ship your bike across the country.

We’ve been told Air Canada is reviving the promotion again for 2017, with full details most likely available at end of March. We were not given pricing information, nor were we given the exact dates the promotion would run, but we’d expect it to run May 1-September 30, as it has in past years, and we’d also expect flights between Canada and the EU; the South American flight discount was discontinued in a previous year after Air Canada’s customers encountered too much government red tape after landing their bikes.


  1. can anyone tell me where I can obtain insurance in Germany ? I’ll be spending the summer riding around Europe and then coming back to Canada ?

  2. I flew my bike to Dublin from Montreal on July 2nd and I have to say the staff at Air Canada cargo are fantastic to deal with from their inspectors to their clerks everyone is friendly and helpful. I drove the last hour in the rain so when I arrived the bike was covered in crud, the guy behind the counter rolled out a hose to let me hose it clean. They couldn’t do enough for you. I do agree with other people’s comments about the price not being clear and I wish they would confirm the service earlier in the year.

    • How much did you pay, did you have to fly on the same fight, was the return the same price and do you know if this can be done to other European destinations and if so, which ones? Sorry for all the questions but I plan to do this next summer, hopefully to Copenhagen, and hopefully from Vancouver.

  3. Back in the 80’s CP Air had a great deal that I used. My BMW flew in the same plane I did. I flew from Toronto to Frankfurt round trip. The bike only costing $240 total. Luggage stayed on the bike. Carry-on was my helmet bag.

  4. I used it last year. I flew my ZX14R from Toronto to Vancouver, drove around the mountains for 5 weeks, from there flew east to Montreal, drove around the Laurentians, then drove back to Toronto. My bags and helmets were on the bike each time so I didn’t have to go to the luggage carousel. I hope to do the same thing in Europe this summer. Highly recommended, it’s a good service. They’ll have the routes and pricing by April.

  5. It is a great idea, but Air Canada fails to deliver prices, destinations, dates, and other important details. I’ve called and emailed many times and always get the same vague non-answers. If they ever get their shit together, this could be a popular service and valuable niche market for AC.

  6. Always check with your insurance company before entering a foreign land. Mine covers north america and includes the united states. They told me i have no insurance on my bike once i cross into Mexico and that i would have to purchase extra i checked on insurance and it was a fairly high $1200 per week. I quized the guy on why so much and he went over deductables and he also said it comes with a free flight ticket back to the destination.

    • Whomever you were talking to is cattybonkers: $1200 per week! No way. You ought to be able to get months of insurance for just a couple of c-notes. And there are several travel insurance options, eg, through SPOT Messenger, and that offer excellent health and repatriation insurance at very very low rates.

  7. Excellent initiative Air Canada. Hopefully you make money with it, so others will follow to other destinations. South America red tape depends very much on where you land. Chile is as straightforward and efficient as any European or north American country…

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