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More details on Cleveland Cyclewerks’ plans for US production

A few months back, we told you about Cleveland Cyclewerks’ plans for US production. Now, a few more details have come to light.

The biggest news is that Bruce Belfer is involved. You might remember his name from a couple years back, when he made a bid Erik Buell Racing after EBR went into receivership, then had his funding fall through. We’re not 100 per cent sure what Belfer’s involvement is, but we do know he’s working with CCW now. The Wind Burned Eyes blog says Belfer is CCW founder Scott Colisimo’s “partner for the U.S.”

Other interesting details from that blog: Reportedly, Colosimo says US-made Cleveland Cyclewerks bikes will be in production in a matter of months. Those bikes will be sold in the US, and also exported. Other countries will also be able to buy CCW bikes that were not made in the US, but the ones sold in the States will all be built there.

As well, Colosimo says Cleveland Cyclewerks is changing their US distributor, and intends to expand their dealer network.

The timing on this move couldn’t be more intriguing, with newly installed President Trump potentially ushering in an era of economic isolationism in the US. If foreign-built bikes become more expensive (and there’s some indication they may be, at least for some models), then American buyers may turn to CCW more readily. And, Cleveland Cyclewerks has always built a visually appealing product; if it can back that up with improved reliability, it would be surprising if the market didn’t respond positively.

We haven’t heard of any changes to Canada’s Cleveland Cyclewerks distribution (still done through GVA Brands, according to this website). However, we’ll be very interested to what CCW’s new models will look like, if they show up in Canada in the near future.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me what people are capable of saying…typically what is being said reveals more about the person saying it then the topic they are commenting on, ( everything you say and how you say it reveals who you are despite what you are saying) I own 2 Cleveland motorcycles, a 2013 heist and a 2013 misfit. They are a total blast to ride, i have had no mechanical issues about the only complaint I have is they draw too much attention, everywhere I go people want me to pull over and ask about the bike or if I am fueling up ( at a stand still) they come over and ask about it, I have people follow me around trying to get a closer look, it’s a bit annoying at times, but it’s such a rush and riding them enables me to be in the moment when I am riding, they are at a great price point, if I do get to where I need parts they are very affordable, the bikes are easy to maintain and service on my own. Luv them and the experience I am having with them. It is my opinion the people slinging negativity at the product or the company probably live by that nature on all or most aspects. Haters will hate…
    I would like to see any of you doing all the complaining and bashing achieve what the owner and his crew have achieved in the creating of a small motorcycle company in North America, do you have any idea how hard it is and the effort and energy it takes to start and run a buisiness these days. Oh I am sure you will have some self righteous response to that querie that will help keep you in denial of your ignorance ( lack of knowing any better) and continue feeding your ego, ( need to be right) bitch on beotches…
    Regardless- wishing you the best in your choice of experiences in this life.

    1. That great that you’re having a positive experience with CCW. I’d love to see swarms of small affordable bikes all over the streets of Canadian cities. Maybe the early imports had issues? That’s all it takes to ruin the reputation of a brand. I know the local dealer stopped selling the CCW’s for a while because they were using up shop time with warranty claims. I’ve noticed recently that they are selling the ACE again, so maybe the factory that builds CCW’s has improved the build quality?

      1. Thank you chairmanmaose for your feedback- just to clarify ccw’s reputation has not and is not ruined, they have been and continue to excel in what they are doing all over the world, they are producing new and exciting products and continue to grow, they plan to do more product manufacturing in North America and less off shore creating local jobs under their banner and creating even better quality control which I think is an awesome and brilliant move, that is progressive that is a great buisiness choice.
        Iam not sure were your local dealer is located but I am confident they did not stop selling ccws because they were using up to much shop time on warranty claims, if that were the case they would be throwing away money, dealers get reimberresed for warranty work, it was more likely they stopped handling them as there was a problem with the Canadian distributor being able to supply due to internal problems within that company which was completely seperate from and in no way connected to ccw other than in their attempt to be the only Canadian distributor of ccws products . I am not saying there has not been or there will not be problems with the company or the products they offer but I don’t know of one, not one manufacturer, supplier, contractor, doctor, lawyer , grocery store, gym, ship builder, artist, police force, president, military organization ( getting my point?) that doesn’t or hasn’t had to make some form of adjustment on their policies, procedures, products or conduct etc during the time of their existence so people please just shut the fck up ( not you chairmanmaose) and enjoy the good, focus on the good, be a part of the good, live in gratitude and have compassion for when the blunders reveal themselves and work with them not against them.
        Or not…

          1. So there’s a ? At the end of the comment about no new machines available in Canada and then it goes go on to say that doesn’t do a lot for consumer confidence… the ? suggests lack of information regarding why there are no new machines available in Canada yet it go’s on to make a powerful uninformed opinion about consumer confidence…typical social media response, if you were truly interested in what your talking about and being awenestly engaged in an authentic ” conversation” you would at least confirm if what your saying has any merit. The fact of the matter is there is no current distributorship in Canada ( hence unavailability) because ccw has been made promises by distributors that have been unmet (and for legal reasons I am being vague in my details) along with other specific problems relating to distributorship ccw has temporarily suspended sales to Canada through dealerships. However the demand is still there as it is in many countries around the world who have and continue to have successful distributorship…Just yesterday I talked to a local Motorsport shop who has a couple ccws for sale and the salesman said they have strong interest in the product due to price point, design, affordable parts, etc etc, and I personally received a call last week asking if I would sell one of my ccw’s so consumer interest and confidence is there and I believe as soon as ccw gets the right partner there will be distributorship again in Canada.
            Anyway once again I see the nay Sayers coming out of the wood work but I know everyone is entitled to an opinion as am I, and I also recognize that often negative comments are often based on lack of Information or just plain negative disposition, bottom line is none of this is very important really, Personally I choose to support a product that I know to be reliable, a blast to ride and a beautiful thing to look at and I am so grateful that Scott decided he wanted to live his dream of building motorcycles and I thank him for his commitment and perseverance, I know how incredibly hard he has had to work to bring the company and his dream to fruition I would even go so far as to say a miraculous feat especially considering the world economic climates he has had to survive as well as all the other mammoth obstacles required to climb to do what he has done, way to freakin go ccw! You and your team should be commended and exceptionally proud of yourselves and I thank you for what you have done and continue to do!
            Can’t freakin wait till spring to go riding!
            This will be my last post as I choose to live in positivity and gratitude and not engage or support unproductive conversations and negativity…
            best to you all !


            1. DW, the question mark does indeed denote a reasonable query regarding lack of information. There are no new machines available in Canada, so until that happens its all moot. In the meantime, its good to know there is a spare parts supply. Have a nice day.

        1. Well DW the fact that the local dealer temporally dropped CCW said something to me. Frankly, I think if CCW knew what was good for them they would move over to Shineray bikes that have been tried and tested in Europe for a few years now. They’re just better bikes.

  2. CCW reviews are always so positive when people initially buy the bike but then turn incredibly negative within a month or so of ownership. I guess what do you expect from a bike that the founder suggests buying as a “second bike” as in not owning as your primary bike, presumable due to reliability concerns. So will the made in USA bikes fall apart after a few rides?

    1. They’re an antique (read sh*tty) design. The only one I’ve seen on the street is the Heist, and to call it agricultural would be a slam to agricultural products. At $3300 (US) its a joke.

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