No more CFMOTO motorcycles for Canadian market

CFMOTO motorcycles

CMI has told CMG it will no longer be distributing CFMOTO motorcycles in Canada.

CFMOTO motorcycles first appeared in Canada on the 2014 show circuit. At the time, the bikes were an interesting proposition, particularly the 650NK tourer, which appeared to offer a lot of bike for the money.

While the machines were made in China, the ones we saw on the show circuit had plenty of high-spec components, with bits from KYB, Marelli, and even Ducati. The engine and chassis appeared to draw a lot of inspiration from Kawasaki’s 650 parallel twins, just as Hyosung’s bikes were based heavily on Suzuki’s.

However, despite attempts to grow the dealer network, it seemed the bikes never developed much of a following in Canada. They certainly weren’t a common sight on the roads, maybe because pricing was close to their Japanese counterparts.

If you own a CFMOTO, you shouldn’t have to worry about parts supply, at least not yet, as CMI’s dealers will still be able to sell you parts, we’re told.


  1. Sadly, maybe if they had made more of an effort to promote their motorcycles but they seem to only have ian interest for their atv line-up. I don`t recall the msrp when they came out but the local dealer sell their 2015 NK for $4497and the TK for $5,495 with a 5 year warranty. I was seriously considering the TK650 and made a lot or research and they are quite good and more reliable than the majority would expect especially at this price , they had some issues in the earlier models for which the NK was more affected but the company seemed to have sorted out. Well if they are only dropping their motorcycle line-up and still make parts available i might still consider one if any stock are left in due time, parts can also be ordered from the internet at a low price.

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