Triumph debuts 2017 Street Triple

The new 2017 Triumph Street Triple was unveiled today, offering exactly what we thought was coming: a bigger engine.

The new Street Triple will have a 765 cc motor; it’s similar to the old three-cylinder powerplant, but with bore and stroke both increased, resulting in new pistons, crankshaft, and other bits. Most importantly, it’s Euro4-compliant, meaning Hinkley will actually be able to sell the machine in Europe.

In the past, Triumph has often produced models in two variants, with an upscale version offering more performance. The new Street Triple actually has three versions, called the Street Triple S, the Street Triple R, and the Street Triple RS-spec. The bikes will make 113 hp, 118 hp, and 123 hp respectively. Presumably, the RS-spec motor will be the basis of the rumoured Triumph-built Moto2 engine.

Torque output is 53 ft-lb for the S model, and the R and RS models make 56 ft-lb (the R makes peak torque lower in rev range). All the machines have the same dry weight (166 kg), and all have ride-by-wire throttles which allow more electronic trickery.

Along with more power, the R and RS models get trick suspension, including Showa Big Piston forks (fully-adjustable for the RS model, separate function forks for the R); the R gets a Showa shock, and the RS gets an Öhlins TTX 40 shock, both fully adjustable. Both bikes get a slipper clutch (no auto-blipper) and TFT dash offering different display styles. Both models get four-piston brake calipers up front and switchable ABS, but with no leaning ABS.

The S model has more basic suspension than its pricier counterparts, but it’s still high-quality stuff from Showa.

The R model will have four riding modes, and the RS model will have five; both bikes include a rider-programmable riding mode.

The Street Triple S is less tricked-out, with two-piston front brakes and non-adjustable Showa forks; the Showa shock will be preload-adjustable. It does have switchable traction control, Rain and Road riding modes, and LCD gauges ripped from the Speed Triple.


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  1. Yep, those headlights are UG-LEE. The “bodywork stripped-off streetfighter” look is so year 2,000 – let it go already. Put a decent looking headlight, probably preferably mounted to the forks, not the frame (because frame-mounted headlights look stoopid on a naked bike).

  2. I hate it when they make engine sizes just a smudge over the insurance bracket and push you into the higher cost category – 750 cc in BC

  3. Interesting move, so does the Daytona remainn a 675 to compete in supersport competition? If their engines are going to Moto 2, will it be this new engine or the older 675? Lastly, bike capacities keep increasing, soon the Street Triple might weigh in at 900 CC’s, the size of the original Speed Triple.

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