Rumour: Triumph to provide Moto2 engines

Could this 250 from Triumph be the machine that turns the company into a manufacturer for the masses?

If the gossip is correct, we may see Triumph engines powering Moto2 bikes in the near future.

Last summer, one of the hottest rumours said Honda was ditching the CBR600 line. That was bad news for the Moto2 roadracing series, as those bikes are powered by CBR600 motors.

But now, there’s a new rumour floating around saying Triumph will step in and fill the void, providing a new middleweight engine to MotoGP for use in the series.

According to several mags (we saw it on Asphalt & Rubber), the deal to replace Honda is done, and the new Triumph engines will start testing in 2018, and will start racing in 2019.

Just before Christmas, Triumph ran a teaser on YouTube, detailing plans for a game-changing bike that ” tears up the rulebook and sets the new benchmark for power, weight, handling and looks.” A race-bred version of that motor could, in theory, power the Moto2 bikes — but it’s all speculation at this point, until we see the official announcement.

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