Video: Onlookers scare off wannabe motorcycle thieves


Check out this video just in from London (the UK city, not the Ontario city) showing just how determined motorcycle thieves can be.

It’s a simple story: two hoods roll up on a crappy step-through and try to steal a high-end Ducati sportbike, until the locals notice what’s up. Cursing and swearing and waving weapons, the crooks manage to get the bike unlocked, but their getaway is hampered when one of the onlookers pushes the bike into a wobble as it starts down the road.

Good on the locals for stopping the crime in face of some intimidating threats — too bad the bike got banged up, though.


  1. Too bad they couldn’t stop them before they cut the lock and the bike ended up on its side.
    I can tell you if anyone threatened me with a grinder you would definitely see the sparks fly! Ba dum bum tssh

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