Aftermarket adaptive headlight available for Victory

JW Speaker Co.  has just announced an adaptive headlight for Victory motorcycles.

Back in 2010, BMW announced adaptive headlights for the K1600GT touring bike. The advantage of adaptive headlights is simple: they fill the roadway the rider is headed for, instead of just aiming where the motorcycle is pointed. You can find a brief write-up on the tech at BMW Motorrad’s US website here.

While this technology sounds like a no-brainer for motorcyclists riding at night, the industry as a whole has been slow to adopt adaptive headlights, perhaps because of their expense. In this case, the aftermarket is stepping in to fill the void, with JW Speaker introducing new DOT-approved adaptive headlights earlier this year. The universal round headlights (in 7-inch or 5.75-inch sizes) were announced months ago, and now the company has also announced headlights to fit Victory motorcycles, with their atypical diamond-shaped lenses.

Find more details on JW Speaker’s website here. Considering the advantages these lights offer for night riding, it’s amazing there isn’t a lot more buzz about them in the industry, as the ability to retro-fit these headlamps to a wide variety of bikes means the adaptive technology is now open to many more riders.


  1. They seem to list a lot of different 7′ and 5 and 3/4″ models – likely a few of them could be adapted to fit other/older models and makes.

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