Check out this BMW F900 Scrambler Sports concept sketch

Like scramblers? Then you should take a good look at the sketch above, put together by designer Oberdan Bezzi.

In an age where “scrambler” means “low-tech motorcycle engine combined with retro styling,” this bike (Bezzi calls it the F900 Sports Scrambler) fills the bill nicely.  It takes the parallel twin BMW uses to power the F700/F800 line and adds the retro aesthetic already seen on this season’s Urban GS.

Is this machine likely to grace showroom floors? Probably not, as Bezzi isn’t on BMW’s staff. BMW already has their retro scrambler. But if they did build this, it would sell, as long as the price was right. And now we’re curious: What would it look like if Bezzi gave Honda’s affordable vertical twins the same retro scrambler treatment?


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