Is a Kawasaki electric motorcycle coming soon?

If the photos circulating around the Internet are correct, a Kawasaki electric motorcycle could be coming soon. But, we’ve yet to see solid proof the alleged patent drawings are the real deal.

What the drawings show isn’t exactly a plan for an electric motorcycle; instead, we see a plan for an electric drivetrain. This electric motor and cooling system is shoehorned into a bike for one of the patent drawings. However, we’re supposed to believe this powerplant is intended to be adapted for use in other vehicles, such as trucks. Given Kawasaki Heavy Industries‘ long-reaching business ventures, that makes sense.

The patent drawing shows a motorcycle using ram air technology to cool the batteries, which are placed where the fuel tank sits on a conventional motorcycle with internal combustion engine. The motor itself utilizes oil cooling.

But is this all for real? None of the Internet pieces we’ve seen cite the source, which could mean this was all dreamed up by some clever artist. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen that happen.


Kawasaki electric motorcycle
More bits and pieces from the patent drawing.

If it is for real, it will be very interesting to see Kawasaki’s take on the electric bike question.

Every manufacturer has Skunk Works people tinkering with these projects, even cruiser-centric companies like Victory and Harley-Davidson. Yamaha’s had some very interesting electric concept bikes, and Honda’s said to be working closely with Mugen on its electric IOMTT project.

But no manufacturer has come out with a pure gonzo, balls-to-the-wall electric hyperbike for production, capable of facing off with bikes like Team Green’s H2R in the moto-lust department. Who better to do this than Kawasaki itself?

This isn’t the first Kawasaki electric motorcycle we’ve seen rumoured; a while bike, hot gossip had Kawasaki working on an electric commuter, similar to the Ninja 300. Frankly, while we’d all love to see a Japanese manufacturer bring out something battery-powered and insane, we’re much more likely to get a sensible city-friendly bike. That is, if the patent drawings are even real …


  1. noise doesn’t work. If you apply physics and sound waves exponentially, it isn’t a factor at all.
    The math and science don’t lie. Personal feelings aside, suck it up, you’re wrong.

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  3. …everybody’s doin’ it… All these electric bikes need some serious sound engineering to make sure they’re loud enough to be heard by idiot cagers in their rolling death machines.

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