Irv Williams Special 100 debuts in Alberta

A few months back, CMG told you about WC Distributing’s plans to introduce a new line of made-in-Canada bikes, under the Irv Williams brand. A few days back, the first of those bikes debuted.

The first bike bearing the Irv Williams marque, the Special 100, launched in late November at Blackjacks Roadhouse in Nisku, Alberta. We don’t have horsepower or weight figures, but in our earlier coverage of the bike, we did note the machine has a 1638 cc  V-twin.

Obviously, from the photos sent along by Sven Bernard (one of the company’s officers), the bike is aimed at the custom crowd, although there are supposed to be other machines, including a cafe racer, coming soon. Bernard said the company is also working on its own in-house four-cylinder engine — should be interesting to see when that comes out!


Check out all the pics that go with this story!


  1. Hmmm really really bad debut images. If you want this thing to sell at least make the images clear and steady! Your up against the big guys so showing these things decently needs to be done properly!

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