On a budget? Here’s a GS you can afford, thanks to Lego

Ah, EICMA week: the time of year when you see all the new motorcycle models, fall madly in love with some high-tech two-wheeler with mucho horsepower — and then reality sets in, once you see your bank balance.

Thankfully, BMW and Lego are collaborating on a project that will let you see a brand-new GS in your garage! (Or in your office, your living room — wherever you want!) Lego has added a model of the R1200 GS to its long-running Technic lineup.

The model has 603 pieces, so it will take a while to put together. This is the first time Lego has collaborated with a motorcycle manufacturer to make a licensed model (the Technic line has had other motorcycles in the past, but no official replicas).

The Lego GS is 18 cm high, 33 cm long, and 10 cm wide, so it will take up some desk space. With a price around $60-70 US, it won’t be cheap when it hits shelves, but it’s certainly much more affordable than the real thing.


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