EICMA: Kawasaki Versys 300 looks like a competent mini-ADV bike

Kawasaki has just released  its own mini-ADV bike at the EICMA show, with proper off-road wheels. It will be sold in two versions: The Versys Urban-X, and the Versys X-Adventure.

Based around the Z300 naked bike, the Versys-X 300 shares that machine’s 296 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin, with slipper clutch. That engine will be retuned for this application, for more low-end torque. Fuel consumption is said to be very miserly; the 17-litre tanks is said to extend range to 400 km.

Much of the rest of the bike is new — adventure bodywork, long-travel suspension (with basic adjustability), and gauges that show twin tripmeters, tach, speedometer, fuel consumption, and distance to empty. Kawasaki included wide handlebars for improved offroad control, and a low seat makes the bike accessible to shorter riders.

The wheels are offroad-friendly spoked rims, a 19-incher up front and a a17-incher in rear. The tires are intended for offroad usage, but given the look of the tread pattern, we wouldn’t advise pushing them very hard off the pavement.

When rumours of this bike first came out, it was expected to share a chassis with the Z300, but Kawasaki says the bike has an all-new frame, designed to handle offroad usage.

About the two versions of this bike: Some European media are reporting the Urban-X version will have a 30-litre topcase, handguards, centrestand, and gas tank crash bars, while the X-Adventure will have 17-litre hard panniers and engine crash bars. However, Kawasaki’s UK site (the bike hasn’t appeared on the Canadian site yet) says nothing about these distinctions. We haven’t seen a weight listed for the bike yet in any configuration.


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  1. Very nice! Prefer the look over the CRF Rally. Glad there is a grey option, rather than being forced into Kawi green. Pricing and weight will be revealing.

    • I like the look of the CRF better, but I’m pretty sure I’d prefer this on a (short) stint on the big highways. Heck, you could probably reasonably ride this some distance on a major highway – as a twin presumably vibration should be better controller, and we already know the Kawi 300 twin engine out-powers the Honda 300 single handily.

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