EICMA: Husqvarna Vitpilen, Svartpilen still months from our market

The Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 (the white one) and Svartpilen 401 (the black one) are headed for production, but won’t be here for a while yet.

When these bikes first appeared at the 2014 EICMA show, they seemed like a long shot. Then in 2015, Husqvarna confirmed the bikes’ future production. Now, a year later … we’re getting another confirmation. According to press releases, the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen 401 will appear in North America for 2018.

Nothing much has changed with either concept over the past few months –they’re still based around KTM’s 375 cc single-cylinder engine, with bold styling that has come to define Husqvarna. Both bikes have two-channel Bosch ABS, WP suspension, slipper clutch, LED lights, high-quality tires … you’ll just have to wait a few months longer to buy one.


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  1. Why in the hell is the shop in Vancouver advertising a bike that wont be in the country until 2018? That’s a disappointment. The KTM Duke is just too damn ugly to buy.

    • Svartpilen is a way more attracting than a KTM Duke.. agree on that lol.
      But Vitpilen is much more sport or ” cafe racer” than the Duke.. very different ergonomic.

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