EICMA: Fancy flat track? Fancy this!

CB1100TR Concept

Yes, we know it’s just a concept. And yes, we know that flat track might be catching on here, but it’s still nowhere near as popular as in Europe. But we still want a closer look at the bike Honda showed today at EICMA.

There are no details, except it comes from a CB1100 street bike and it looks the dog’s bollocks. Which, if you need a translation, means it looks fabulous.

The No. 58 plate honours Marco Simoncelli, the beloved Italian MotoGP racer with the big hair who died five years ago at the Malaysian Grand Prix.



    • Yes, and the red 58 is an obvious (and welcome) nod to our dearly departed Marco ‘Super Sic’ Simoncelli. Not flat-tracker about this bike, IMO. This is a beautiful throwback to superbikes. I love it!

  1. The last 4 cylinder to run on a dirt track was a TZ700 piloted by Kenny (they don’t pay me enough to ride that thing) Roberts. Make it a twin and then let’s talk.

      • Definitely not a flat tracker. Having pod air filters sitting in front of a rear tire with no fenders would quickly result in clogged up filters, I’m sure. At the least they would need foam socks on them. And yeah, the slick tires are a dead giveaway.

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