EICMA: BMW’s F800R, F800 GT, get minor changes

BMW has announced some small changes to their F800R and F800 GT models for 2017.

The streetgoing 800s are nowhere near as well-known as BMW’s F800 GS models, but they’ve been holding down a spot in the lineup for some time, an option for the budget-minded Beemerphile.

For 2017, the updates will be very modest: Both bikes will see engines tuned to meet Euro4 emissions regs, with changes to the ride-by-wire throttle and exhaust as well, since that’s all tied together.

Both bikes now come with two riding modes (Rain and Road) as standard, and a third mode (Dynamic) is available as an option — maybe it had to be kept off the stock bike due to emissions regs, again?

Aside from those performance changes, the rest of the upgrades are all cosmetic: New gauges, new paint, etc. A few new options (higher handlebars, exhaust) have been added to the factory ex-works catalogue as well.


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