EICMA: BMW K1600 GTL updated for 2017

BMW’s battleship, the massive K1600 GTL, will see several changes next year.

The six-cylinder motor still cranks out 160 hp, but like every other motorcycle in Europe, the touring behemoth has been upgraded to meet Euro4 emissions standards. This seems to have been achieved by messing around with the exhaust and electronics systems.

Other upgrades are refined bodywork (larger windscreen and wind deflectors), and new paint options. Dynamic ESA (“Smart Suspension”) is now standard,  and “Shift Assistance Pro” (clutchless shifting, up or down) is now available as an option, as well as a reverse assist system.

Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot new with the K1600 GTL — keep your eyes on BMW’s Canadian site for details of pricing and availability.


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