EICMA: BMW G310 GS offers affordable ADV action

The BMW G310 GS has been confirmed at the EICMA show today.

More mild than wild, this machine is based around the made-in-India 310 platform BMW has built in conjunction with TVS. Packaging is slightly different from the G310R, with a longer front suspension (41 mm diameter) and 19-inch front wheel for better stability in rough going. It makes 34 hp and 28 Nm of torque, and has a 169.5 kg dry weight. Tank capacity is 11 litres.

The G310 GS will come with ABS that can be switched off for off-road riding, which is a feature some other manufacturers still haven’t included on their pricier ADV steeds.

Styling looks exactly in line with the rest of the GS lineup, despite this bike’s budget-oriented nature. Note the cast wheels, which aren’t great for the dirt; the tires also appear a bit on the wimpy side. It’s unclear whether BMW will offer spoked wheels for this model. If not, perhaps the aftermarket will step in, if there’s enough demand.

Canadian pricing and availability hasn’t been announced yet. While the 310 models don’t exactly endear themselves to dealers and distributors in developed markets, due to their low profit margins, we’ll probably see them in our showrooms anyway, as part of corporate policy.


  1. “Note the cast wheels, which aren’t great for the dirt”
    I don’t see this bike in the dirt too much, but it is the perfect tool for the job within someplace like Toronto!
    Lotsa bad roads all bumpy and broken, dirt and sand etc on the streets, potholes, construction, streetcar tracks…
    That’s where this nice light bike with a 19″ front wheel and generous suspension is really in its element.
    An Urban Warrior.
    I’d keep the wheels and maybe go to 80/20 tires even! For the mean streets…

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