EICMA: Honda X-ADV breaks cover

Honda’s X-ADV adventure scooter is finally here, after months of teasing.

At this point, there’s not much left to unveil. We already knew what it looked like, what engine it used (the same 745 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin Honda used in the NC750X), and that it used the same dual clutch transmission technology Honda’s introduced across much of their lineup.

Now we know it rolls on a 17-inch wheel in front, 15-inch wheel in rear, and has a dry weight of 238 kg. As the video above shows, it wears dual-sport tires to provide traction on loose surfaces. Also, note that those wheels are spoked, instead of easily-dented cast rims — Big Red really does intend for users to take this scoot into the dirt. They even included plasticky handguards, but we don’t know if they have steel cores — if not, users might want to upgrade those bits. But that’s half the fun of adventure motorcycles, we hear …

Front suspension comes from adjustable 41 mm USD forks, with 153.5 mm of travel. The rear shock is adjustable for preload, with 150 mm of travel.

The X-ADV is also potentially capable as an adventure tourer; that screen s five-way adjustable, and there’s 21 litres of underseat storage. The fuel tank holds 13 litres, and seat height is 810 mm. However, as this is a step-through, seat height is a little less of a factor than on a standard motorcycle.


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  1. I sell Honda motorcycles and this bike makes perfect sense, most people buying the CRF1000 don’t even go off road, we don’t have a scooter anymore and this bike fill the need for a lot of riders. Honda bring it we need it.

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