EICMA: Honda CBR1000RR base model is released

Honda’s already shown off the high-spec version of its CBR1000RR at the Intermot show earlier this fall, and now we have the details on the standard version of the motorcycle.

The base CBR1000RR might not have the pricey accoutrements of the SP or SP2 versions, but it should still prove entertaining, with Showa suspension (Big Piston forks and Balance Free shock) and up-to-date electronic rider aids like nine-level traction control, wheelie control, leaning ABS, and ECU with three riding modes (labeled, in Honda fashion, “Fun,” “Fast,” and “Safe”). Of course, an Inertial Measurement Unit is key to this technology.

The engine is not as highly tuned as some of the other variations of this platform, but still delivers 189 hp at 13,000 rpm, up 11 hp from the previous model. Peak torque is 116 Nm at 11,000 rpm. The CBR1000RR now has the same throttle-by-wire system that was developed for the RC213VS.

The braking system now includes limitations on rear wheel lift. The front four-piston, radially-mounted brake system is from Tokico (the pricier versions got Brembos).

The TFT dash has three pre-set modes: Street, Circuit, and Mechanic all offer different information necessary for a variety of scenarios. There’s also a shift light, for spirited riding.

Impressively, wet weight is down 16 kg from the previous Honda litrebike, at 196 kg. This was partially capable by using new magnesium bits in the engine, and going with titanium for the exhaust and fuel tank.

Seat height for the CBR1000RR is 832 mm, and the wheelbase is 1405 mm. The frame has been re-engineered to be stiffer than the previous model, and shed weight. The bodywork is also narrower, to cut down on wind drag.

The new Honda CBR1000RR is not on the company’s Canadian website yet, but we’re sure to know pricing and arrival soon.


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