Norton V4 superbike appears in video


Norton says it’s already sold out the V4 SS superbike before it’s even completely unveiled, but it’s still producing 250 of the V4 RR machines — and here’s a look at what buyers are getting.

Details on the new Norton have been floating around for over a year, although it’s unclear how closely the finished product will match the initial concept. Originally, the bike was said to have a 1200 cc, 72-degree V4 engine, with carbon-fibre bodywork and wheels, a single-sided swingarm made from either aluminum or carbon-fibre, an aluminum chassis, Ohlins forks and shock, Brembo monobloc brakes, underslung muffler with titanium headers and an underseat fuel tank. The bike was planned to come in two variants (which we now know are the RR and the SS).

The RR models are supposed to have a delivery in late 2017, or 2018, and will cost £28,000 in the UK. If any make it to Canada, expect that delivery date to be later, and the cost to be correspondingly higher.

We should see the final production version of the RR and SS at this month’s EICMA show.


  1. Never met a V4 engine I didn’t like, so I approve. As I did of the rotary Norton. But how this will help the brand for the future…dunno.

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