Mahindra buys rights to JAWA

Along with their purchase of rights to the BSA marque last week, Indian vehicle manufacturer Mahindra has also made a similar deal with JAWA.

For s history lesson on JAWA, check out Wikipedia here. In a nutshell, JAWA was one of eastern Europe’s leading motorcycle manufacturers until the 1990s; the company is still in existence, but is a shadow of its former self at this point.

The deal does not give Mahindra JAWA’s plant machinery and model lineup; it gives Mahindra the rights to sell bikes under the JAWA name in India and other Asian countries. Reports say the plan is for Mahindra to develop JAWA as a premium brand in those markets, sold in its own dealerships, instead of alongside more budget-minded models under Mahindra’s brand.

At this point, Mahindra owns the rights to sell BSA, JAWA, and Peugeot motorcycles, as well as their own brands, which makes us wonder: Are they planning to build a zombie army? And when the results of this retro revival hit the market, what will the end products be like — will end users enjoy the melding of classic styling with modern manufacturing, or will they be rejected as cheap copies of the original? Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Mahindra buys rights to JAWA”

  1. We had Jawa motorcycles in India and it used to b very well known there, petrol heads restore them to perfection and these days it cost a bomb to buy a good one ! i dont think it is a bad idea to buy old/dying brands at all. Indian automobile giants are really good at it and best proof is Land Rover & Jaguar acquisition by Tata !

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